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If you're ready to trade in your vehicle because it's a gas guzzling machine, try some of these suggestions before you run to the dealer. If you can make some small changes, you're going to experience a large return. It's our pleasure to show you just what you need to do in order to maximize your gas mileage.

Check out our tips and tricks to save

1. Utilize low rolling resistance tires and maximum rated inflated tire pressure.


2. The electric fan on the radiator means less of a load on the engine.


3. Check for too low of a rear axle gear ratio.


4. Remove any unnecessary weight from the vehicle as it costs fuel to move a load.


5. Keep an eye on the vacuum gauge since the higher the vacuum, the better the mileage.


6. Watch your driving habits, and avoid jackrabbit starts and stops.


7. Utilize high flow mufflers. Exhaust modes that reduce back pressure on the engine allow the combustion chambers to empty spent gasses out more efficiently. Less back pressure means more horse power and more mpg. On a turbo diesel or a turbo charged gas engine, lower back pressure allows for the turbine to spool faster and more freely for more boost and lower turbine temperature.


8. Get free-wheeling or lock out front hubs on a 4 X 4. On many of the later model 4 X 4s, the front hubs stay engaged to the axle and have to drag the differential and front drive shaft which creates a drag even though it's in 2-wheel drive mode.


9. A lower cruise speed creates less wind drag on your vehicle. 75 mph can cost you 1 to 2 mpg.


10. Proper maintenance is key. Always make sure your vehicle is in top running condition. Some people go years without getting a tune-up or even a new air filter.


11. Utilize synthetic fluids for less parasitic drag on moving gears and engine parts.


12. Cold air intake equals more dense air change.


13. Have your vehicle's computer precision tuned on a dyno to squeeze all the available power. (O.E. computers come with a package tune standard for all the models of that year.)


14. If you don't have a facility to get that accomplished, the next best thing is a handheld programmer set to economy mode or 87 octane mode.

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