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Get specialty customization 

Improve your ride when you customize

You can get custom design and fabrication for your exhaust system for just about anything that has a motor. Put your own personal mark on your vehicle with a superior quality exhaust system that has been customized to meet your style, your budget, and your performance needs. Your vehicle is sure to run better and faster.

Customize to your unique specifications

Get repair or replacement for:


- Cars

- Trucks

- Farm equipment

- 4-wheelers

- Motorcycles

- ATVs

- Go-carts

- Air boats

- Rock climbers

- Low riders

- Drag cars

- Sport compacts

- Collector cars

- Generators

- Much more


Trust the best brands in the business:


- Flowmaster

- Magnaflow

- Dyno Max

- Borla


- Cherry Bomb

- Smittys

- Flow 409



- Incinerator

- Thrush

- Spintech


Get expert repair and replacement for:


- Exhaust

- Muffler

- Tailpipe


Customize your vehicle:


- Pipe bending

- Headers

- Hook-ups

- Exhaust manifolds

- Smog devices

- Aluminized and stainless steel corrosion

- Resistant pipe and hardware


Utilizing the best materials and hardware:


- Aluminized

- Stainless Steel

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Stop by the shop, sit down, and look through our "Who's Who Scrapbook". It's filled with hundreds of photos of some of the finest cars and trucks in our area, and they all have 1 thing in common - an exhaust from us.

Trust the show car and street racer specialist to give you exactly what you want.

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It's our pleasure to meet and exceed all of your exhaust system needs including catalytic converter service, exhaust system care, and our diesel performance division.